Widgets are compact blocks of content that can be shown on the homepage or on the side of pages and posts.

Widget Areas


You can show widgets at the bottom of the homepage. Read the “Bottom Widgets” section in the Homepage guide for information.

  • Home Bottom Left – Left-hand column at the bottom of the homepage
  • Home Bottom Right – Right-hand column at the bottom of the homepage


Pages, blog posts, presentations, events and gallery items have an option for enabling a sidebar. When a sidebar is enabled, it will show the widgets that you have configured it to show. Different areas have different sidebars that you can add different widgets to. The various sidebars are listed below.

  • Page Sidebar – Pages not using a page template use this sidebar.
  • Blog Sidebar – Page using the Blog template, categories, date archives, single posts, etc.
  • Presentation Sidebar – Page using the Multimedia template, categories, tags, speakers, etc.
  • Gallery Sidebar – Pages using a gallery template, gallery categories, gallery items.
  • Events Sidebar – Page using the Events template and single events.
  • Staff Sidebar – Page using the Staff template.
  • Locations Sidebar – Page using the Locations template.
  • Contact Sidebar – Page using the Contact template.

Custom Widgets

Risen has the following custom widgets that can be used in the areas listed above.

  • Categories (Enhanced) – Lists blog categories, gallery categories and presentation categories
  • Presentation Archives – List monthly date archives for presentations.
  • Recent Presentations – Lists X presentations with options for speaker, date, icons, excerpt and image.
  • Recent Gallery Items – Show X photos and/or videos from any or all categories.
  • Recent Posts (Enhanced) – Lists X blog posts with options for author, date, excerpt and image.
  • Upcoming Events – Lists X events with options for date, time, excerpt and image.
  • Locations – Lists X locations with options to show map, address and phone.
  • Staff – Lists X staff members with options to show photo and position.
  • Donation – Shows a message with button taking user to URL of your choice (such as PayPal).

WordPress also has a set of standard widgets that are useful for doing such things as showing a tag cloud, recent blog posts and recent comments.

Configuring Widgets

First make sure the page, post or other item you want to show widgets on has its sidebar enabled. To do this, edit a page, post, event, etc. and make sure the Show sidebar widgets box is checked. Here are directions for adding a widget to a widget area.

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets.
  2. Click on a widget area to expand it.
  3. Drag a widget into the widget area.
  4. Click the widget inside of its widget area to set its options.