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How our websites are built

All MADD Canada Chapter websites use the content management system called WordPress.

WordPress uses themes for the appearance of the web site. A theme provides the look and feel of a website as well as many of the functions beyond what WordPress itself provides.

In 2021, all MADD Chapters sites were converted to a theme called Total. The Risen theme that the websites used before has been phased out.

The Total theme has a mobile-friendly responsive design, meets international standards for accessibility, and has all the features you might need: photo and video gallery, events, news blog, and Board of Directors profiles. In addition, Total provides an easy-to-use page builder which allows you to add page elements like buttons, image galleries, accordians, columns, and more.

The steps for making updates to your website are a bit different for the Total theme compared to our previous theme. We have created new tutorials to walk you through the most common tasks.


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