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Adding and Deleting Pages

Adding and Deleting Pages

Page vs. Post vs. Event

You have some information that you want to put on your website. Should you add a Page, a Post, or an Event?

Page: A Page is meant to be a static and relatively permanent part of your website (for example, the About Us page). A Page usually has a link to it in the menu system. A Page generally should not be used to advertise an upcoming event (see Event paragraph below). Instructions for adding a Page are below.

Post: A Post should be used for an announcement or news item that is relevent now, but probably not 6 months from now. Posts show up on your homepage under Latest News as well as on your Latest News page. For example, if you want to let people know how successful your latest fundraising event was, create a Post. See the Latest News tutorial.

Event: If you want to advertise an upcoming event, create a new Event. You’ll give your Event a title, description, date, and time. It will show up on your homepage under Events as well as on your Events Calendar page. When the event has passed, it will automatically disappear from the list of events. See the Events Calendar tutorial.

Adding a Page

This is how to add a basic page:

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a title, content, and header image. See the Introduction to Editing a Page tutorial for more information.
  3. Click Publish.
  4. Don’t forget to add your new page to the menu! Learn how on the Menus and Navigation tutorial page.

Editing and Deleting Pages

  1. Go to Pages > All Pages
  2. Hover over a page to see the Edit and Trash options
  3. If you are editing the page, see the Introduction to Editing a Page tutorial for more information.
  4. When deleting a page, if it is linked to from a menu, make sure to remove it from the menu (go to Appearance > Menus).
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