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Extended Functions (Plugins)

Extended Functions (Plugins)

Several additional functions are available to you for customizing your website. You can find these on your WordPress dashboard along the side menu.  Please see the list below for descriptions of each plugin and links to their documentation (you can ignore the parts about installation; we’ve already taken care of that).

If you need help using these plugins, feel free to email us at

Twitter/X Feed

2023 Note: As of recently, Twitter/X feeds that are embedded in websites only display tweets when the web visitor is already logged into Twitter. If the web visitor is not logged into Twitter, the feed will show a message that says “Nothing to see here” and will require them to log into Twitter to see your feed.

Your Twitter feed can be embedded anywhere on your website using Twitter’s native embed code. One common place to put a Twitter feed is on the homepage in the lower right area (under Events):

  1. Follow Twitter’s instructions for generating the HTML code and copy it.
  2. In your website dashboard, click Pages.
  3. Click Home to edit the homepage.
  4. Scroll down and click the small plus (+) at the bottom of the Events box.
  5. Click the Raw HTML element.
  6. Click the pencil icon to edit the Raw HTML element.
  7. Paste your Twitter embed code into the Raw HTML area.
  8. Click “Save changes”.
  9. If you want to add a title above your twitter feed (like “Our Twitter Feed”), hover over the Events text element and clone it. Then drag it down just above the Raw HTML element. Do the same with the Divider element.

The feed can be put into the sidebars in a similar way. See the Sidebars tutorial.


Plugin name: TablePress | Documentation
Where to find it: Middle of side menu
Description: Allows you to add a nicely formatted table to any page.

Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

Plugin name: PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets | Documentation (scroll down to Settings)
Where to find it: Email and we will activate it for you.
Description: Allow volunteers to sign up for events right on your website.

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