You can create a list of staff profiles complete with photo and e-mail button.

We have already created a Board of Directors page (under About Us) for you, so you can skip the Staff Page step. Please go to Managing Staff below to learn how to add to your Board of Directors page.

If you don’t currently have a Board of Directors page on your site, you probably didn’t request it, so it is set to ‘Draft’.

Staff Page

First you need to create a page that will show the staff members that you add.

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a title and any content that you want to appear at the top of the staff list.
  3. Under Page Attributes choose the Staff template.
  4. Optionally configure a header image and sidebar (read the Pages guide).
  5. Click Publish.

Managing Staff

Adding Staff

Risen uses a custom post type that makes it easy for you to add staff.

  1. Go to Staff > Add New.
  2. Click Screen Options at the top-right then check all boxes.
  3. Enter the staff member’s name in the title field.
  4. Write their bio in the content box.
  5. Optionally enter their Position (e.g. Admin) under Details
  6. Optionally configure the E-mail Button under Details (read Contact Page for more details)
  7. Click Set featured image then Upload Files, upload an image (at least 180×180), select it, then click Set featured image.
  8. Click the Publish button.

Editing and Deleting Staff

  1. Go to Staff > All Staff
  2. Hover over a staff member to see the Edit and Trash options


Staff Sidebar

If you enabled the sidebar for your staff page, you can show widgets in it. To do this go to Appearance > Widgets and drag any widgets into the Staff Sidebar

Staff Widget

Risen includes a widget for showing staff.

Read the Widgets guide for more information.