The gallery provides a way to show photos and videos. You can use categories to create multiple “albums”.

We have already created a Gallery page (Photos and Videos) for you, so you can skip the Gallery Page step. Please go to Images & Videos below to learn how to add new photos or videos to your Photos and Videos page.

Gallery Page

First you need to create a page that will show the gallery items that you add:

  1. Go to Pages > Add New.
  2. Enter a title and any content that you want to appear at the top of the gallery.
  3. Under Page Attributes choose one of the following gallery templates:
    • Gallery – Categories – Lists all categories.
    • Gallery – All Images & Videos – Lists all images and videos.
    • Gallery – All Images – Lists all images (no videos).
    • Gallery – All Videos – Lists all videos (no images).
  4. Optionally configure a header image and sidebar (read the Pages guide).
  5. Click Publish.
  6. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Gallery.
  7. Set Main Gallery Page to the page you just added.

Gallery Categories

You can organize your images and videos into categories.

Add a Category

  1. Go to Gallery > Categories
  2. Enter a category name
  3. Click the Add Category button

Edit and Delete Categories

  1. Go to Gallery > Categories
  2. Hover over a category to see the Edit and Delete options

Notice also that there is a Gallery column with a number by each category. This shows you how many items are in each category. If you click the number, it will show you the items.

Images & Videos

Adding an Image

Risen uses a custom post type that makes it easy for you to add gallery items.

  1. Go to Gallery > Add New
  2. Click Screen Options at the top-right then check all boxes.
  3. Enter a title for the image or video.
  4. Write a short description to appear on the item’s page.
  5. Click Set featured image then Upload Files, upload an image, select it, then click Set featured image.
  6. Select the categories you want this image to appear in.
  7. Check the Show sidebar widgets box if you want to show a sidebar on this item’s page.
  8. Click the Publish button to add it.

Adding a Video

You can easily add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your gallery.

  1. Follow the same steps in “Adding an Image” above.
  2. Provide the URL to a YouTube or Vimeo video in the Video URL field.
  3. Click Publish

Note that you still must provide an image that will be used as a thumbnail for the user to click on.

Editing and Deleting Items

  1. Go to Gallery > All Items
  2. Hover over a gallery item to see the Edit and Trash options


Note that this will delete the posts but the actual image files will remain on your server. If you want to delete the image files, go to the WordPress Media Library (Media Files > Library).

Gallery Options

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Gallery to set these options.

  • Categories Order – Order in which categories are listed on the page using Gallery – Categories template.
  • Images/Videos Per Page – The number of items to show per page before page navigation controls kick in.
  • Main Gallery Page – Individual category and item pages can inherit this page’s header and sidebar.
  • Header Image – Choose to show the Main Gallery Page header/sidebar on individual category/item pages.
  • Single Category Page Title – Customize the format of individual category page titles.

Gallery Widgets

The sections above cover how to enable the sidebar in the different gallery areas (main gallery page, individual category, individual item). You can go to Appearance > Widgets and drag widgets into the Gallery Sidebar.

You can show any widgets in a sidebar but there are two widgets especially useful for the gallery sidebar. The Recent Gallery Items widget is also useful for showing new photos and videos on the homepage.

  • Categories (Enhanced) – Lists your gallery categories.
  • Recent Gallery Items – Shows the newest images and/or videos.

Read the Widgets guide for more information.