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Awards – Honor Roll

Awards – Honor Roll

Over the last few year our chapter has recognized many people for their efforts within the community and in recognition of MADD’s mission “To stop impaired driving and support victims of this violent crime”.

First, we would like to thank ALL volunteers, police officers and citizen for their efforts in this very important cause.

Below is the hall of fame if you will for our Chapter.

Rena Passas Citizen of the Year Award:
This award is designed to recognize an individual, or organization in the community of York that has helped make a difference with anti- impaired driving; either through awareness, research, prevention or support. This person can either be a part of MADD or who has done something as a citizen.

2013: Marvin Haggith
2014: Marney Beck

Jessica Seymour Outstanding Youth Award:
This award is designed to recognize an individual 19 years or younger. The youth should be recognized for their efforts in making a difference with anti- impaired driving either within their school, within York region or through an outstanding act.

2013: N/A
2014: Rachel Callaway

Ashley Fogal Youth Awareness Award:
The recipient of this award should be between the ages of 10 – 25 years. The recipient should have carried out an outstanding act or acts that have brought awareness to the effects of impaired driving either through an event or series of events.

2013: Kyle Primeau
2014: Courtney Nickle

Margaret Williams Volunteer of the Year Award:
Awarded to a person that volunteers with MADD York Region. The recipient is a person that has contributed consistently at events, continually attends and contributes during monthly meetings, as well this person strives to spread the message of anti- impaired driving.

2013: William Tay
2014: Rebecca Blight

Police Services Awards:
In recognition of a York Regional Police Officer and Ontario Provincial Police Officer that has made great efforts to reduce impaired driving on the streets of York Region. The recognition is not limited to impaired charges; it also recognizes advancement in certification in anti-impaired testing, awareness and outstanding contributions to anti-impaired driving initiatives.

Sarah Riddell York Regional Police Award:
2013: P.C. Gilbert Metcalf
2014: SGT. Ryan Hogan

Mike Ficker Ontario Provincial Police Award:
2013: P.C. Dwight Young
2014: P.C. Dana Flynn-Morris

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