Become a Member

MADD Yarmouth County is always looking for new members and volunteers. If you are interested in staying on top of our activities, become a member and pledge to always drive sober.

See below for more on how to become a member.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in being more involved, we can always use the help of volunteers at our various events. You could become even more involved by helping to shape and direct the chapter. We currently have the following positions open:

  • Road Sign Coordinator – Work to find locations for new road signs and then work with property owners, sign sponsors and other partners to have signs installed.
  • Volunteer Recruitment – Help the chapter develop strategies to attract new volunteers

How to Become a Member or Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming involved with the chapter at all, the first step is to become a member (which is free):

1) Download our membership form

Membership Form

2) Mail the completed form to us

MADD Yarmouth County
PO Box 103
Yarmouth NS B5A 4B1

Or get in touch with us and one of our members will pick it up from you: