MADD Winnipeg Awareness Campaigns

RCMP Long Weekend Safety Message

Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 29, 2014 – Driving is no easy feat. There is a lot to be aware of out there on the road, and it takes your full attention. Ultimately, it is the choices and behaviour of drivers on the roadways that cause many of the collisions, so it is important to be aware of the driving behaviours you can practice that will help you and your family get to your destination safely.

The last long weekend of summer means crowded highways. Many highways will be filled with campers and cottagers, and some of those folks will be towing their campers and trailers. This means slower-moving traffic. Farmers are also out on Manitoba roadways with their large and slow-moving machinery, creating the instinct for many motorists to pass.

Passing on the highway can easily result in a collision if motorists are not careful. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Only pass when safe to do so, keeping in mind speeding is not permitted while passing
  • Do not jockey for placement on the highway. If someone is passing you, let them. The Highway Traffic Act states that when being overtaken by a vehicle travelling in the same direction, you will let that vehicle pass by remaining in your lane and you will not increase the speed of your vehicle until you are completely passed by the overtaking vehicle
  • Always use your signals to inform other drivers of your intentions
  • Ensure your lights are on, even during the day, so oncoming traffic can see you

Speed continues to be the leading cause of collisions in RCMP jurisdiction in Manitoba. It comes down to simple physics, the faster you drive:

  • The less reaction time you have to brake
  • The more distance you need to stop
  • The harder it is to control your vehicle
  • The harder your impact in a collision
  • The greater the chance of serious injuries or death in a collision

Please reduce your speed, buckle up and drive sober. Let’s make this a long weekend to remember … for all the right reasons.

National & Local Awareness Campaigns

Raising public awareness about the dangers of impaired driving is a critical strategy used to prevent more deaths and injuries from occurring.

MADD Canada’s national public awareness programs include:

  • Campaign 911Campaign 911 educates and empowers the public about the right course of action to take if they see a driver they suspect is impaired.
  • Project Red Ribbon – An annual campaign, beginning on November 1st, gives the opportunity for drivers to display a red ribbon on their vehicles in support of sober driving.
  • Educational videos for schools and community groups.
  • Public Service Announcements for radio, television, and print campaigns.
  • Printed materials include booklets and brochures.
  • MADD Matters – A national newsletter sent quarterly to victims/survivors, members, supporters, and community leaders to keep everyone informed about impaired driving issues and MADD Canada activities.
  • Santa Claus Parade – a holiday reminder to be mindful during the festive season and through out the entire year.
  • Annual Service of Remembrance – Held to honour our local lost loved ones, and offer guidance and support to grieving families friends and survivors. After the non-denominational service, refreshments and fellowship in the adjacent hospitality area with tables and seating.
  • Strides for Change Winnipeg’s – 5km/1km Run-Walk ‘n Roll with memorial tributes and public safety fair  held in early June, at Winnipeg’s beautiful Kildonan Park.
  • Dinner Theatre   This year’s event was held at the Marigold on the corner of Inkster & Fife, and the troop will be presenting “Reform School Reunion”.  Have some fun and dress up for the occasion (optional) as prizes will be awarded to the attendees for “best dressed” costumes.  The event was so successful last year; we have rebooked for March 8, 2014.  The food is delicious, and a ‘sit down all you can eat’ served to your table menu. Beverages and desserts are also included.  Circle your calendar, bring a few friends and join us for a good time.   P.S.  One of last year’s supporters commented that he had ‘more fun then he did at the comedy festival’ (and no, he was not affiliated with MADD, the restaurant or the comedy troop!)  Come for the food, come for the fun and support MADD Winnipeg at the same time.  Seating is limited, so please get your tickets early!

For more information, and to view certain publications, please visit MADD Canada.