If you wish to have your loved one’s name honoured at the 2017 Manitoba Memorial Candlelight Vigil, the forms are available online by clicking the button below.  The first form is the authorization for engraving the name and dates on the monument, with proof that the victim was involved in a crash that was drug and or alcohol related.  The second form is for the onscreen tribute portion of the vigil, requiring a photo (or digital image png, jpg, bmp) with a 15 word (or less) message or tribute to be read at the ceremony.

Manitoba Memorial forms

Forms may also be available at the administrative offices of Glen Eden Memorial Gardens during regular business hours,  located near, just south of the monument.

The list of the loved ones honoured in the order on which they appear on MADD Canada’s Manitoba Memorial Monument as of August 28, 2016.

MADD August 28 2016