Our Group’s Evolution

Proud Past Brighter Future

  • 1980 – MADD (USA) organization was founded in 1980 in California by Candice Lightner after her 13-year-old daughter Cari, was killed by a drunk driver
  • 1981 – In July, an anti-drinking and driving organization, Citizens Against Impaired Driving (CAID) was formed in Winnipeg. The organization was started by Margaret Taylor and a few other like-minded individuals following the death of Margaret’s 16-year old daughter Sara and two of her friends (Lori Shwaluk and Walter Kerney), who were killed in a 1980 crash involving an impaired driver. CAID was successful in bringing together many of the stakeholders in the community and initiating changes to the impaired driving laws in Manitoba.  Margaret Taylor is recognized as one of the pioneers in the battle against impaired driving in Canada. The CAID mission statement was “to reduce the incidents of impaired driving and to provide education and emotional support to victims of impaired drivers in Manitoba”.
  • 1990 – MADD Canada was formed and incorporated, allowed to use the US logo, we share some similar beliefs, but are in no way now, or ever formally affiliated.
  • 1996 – CAID Manitoba voted to dissolve and become an affiliate of MADD Canada as a local chapter. The new chapter then became known as MADD Manitoba.
  • 1999 – When chapter members from Brandon formed a chapter in their community, the MADD Manitoba Chapter name changed to the MADD Winnipeg Chapter.
  • 2012 – After the collapse of the Brandon Chapter, a brave individual has stepped up and is rebuilding the group as Nikki Boggs is now the Community Leader as she rebuilds support in and around the Brandon region.
  • 2013 – With hard work and determination, Nikki has successfully re-established the Brandon Chapter, with two active chapters servicing the province and Davina Clouson as the Community Leader servicing The Pas.
  • 2015 – We are  pleased to announce our newest volunteer for MADD Canada in Manitoba.  As of April, we have a new Community Leader – Adrienne Burton servicing Thompson and surrounding region.

For over 30 years we have, according to our means, provided education, victim and law enforcement support, public awareness campaigns, fundraisers and quality victim services. We have many resources available to further support the community including Nationally Produced Multimedia Presentations, Videos, Pamphlets, Pins, Decals, MADD Red Ribbons, the promotion of Campaign 911 and MADD Cookbooks (and are always open to expanding our horizons and pioneer fresh methods to communicate and work towards the betterment of our community an uphold the values and virtue of our mission statement).