Cause Related Marketing is one of the most effective ways your company can demonstrate its support for stopping impaired driving while publicly promoting your commitment to the cause.

Your company can:

  • create a special product or service promotion or
  • donate a portion of product sales

To discuss your Cause-Related Marketing idea or for other Corporate Giving ideas, please call (604) 515-9212 or email

Examples of Cause Related Marketing

Charity Car Program

charity car program

Each year in Canada, approximately 500,000 vehicles are declared no longer fit for the road for reasons such as failed emissions testing or accidents. We may recycle our glass and plastic but most of us never think about recycling our cars.

The Charity Car Program offers car owners a convenient and cost-effective way to retire their old, high-polluting cars. The vehicle is towed for free, recycled, and proceeds from the scrap materials are donated to affiliated charities including MADD Metro Vancouver. Recycling of auto parts gives them a new life, it helps individuals that use the parts to save money and it prevents them from ending up in a landfill.

Our Vision is to Save the Environment, Save you Money and Help Charities.

Charity Car Program’s pickup area is in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley extending East as far as Langley City, South to the US border, North to West Vancouver and West to UBC.

Car Heaven

car heaven logo

To donate your car or obtain more information please visit: