Several additional functions are available to you for customizing your website. You can find these on your WordPress dashboard along the side menu.  Please see the list below for descriptions of each plugin and links to their documentation (you can ignore the parts about installation; we’ve already taken care of that).

If you need help using these plugins, feel free to email us at

Twitter Feed

Plugin name: Kebo Twitter Feed | Documentation
Where to find it: Under ‘Settings’
Description: Put your Twitter feed on your homepage or in a sidebar.

Advanced PayPal Options

Plugin name: Nice PayPal Button | Documentation
Where to find it: Under ‘Settings’
Description: Allows you to use text fields and drop-down menus in combination with your PayPal buttons. Useful if you need users to enter additional information such as a name for memorial donations or event registration information.

Sponsor Logos

Plugin name: Logos Showcase | Documentation
Where to find it: Top of side menu
Description: Getting images to line up nicely in WordPress can be tricky. This plugin allows you to load up all your sponsors’ logos and display them on any page in a grid or carousel. Each image can link to the sponsor’s website. This can also be used for photos or any other images you want to display.


Plugin name: TablePress | Documentation
Where to find it: Middle of side menu
Description: Allows you to add a nicely formatted table to any page.


Plugin name: Visual Form Builder | Documentation | Video Tutorial
Where to find it: Bottom of side menu
Description: Insert a form into any page. Options include text fields, dropdown menus, check boxes, radio buttons, address fields, and more.


Plugin name: WP-Pro-Quiz (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

Plugin name: PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets | Documentation (scroll down to Settings)
Where to find it: Email and we will activate it for you.
Description: Allow volunteers to sign up for events right on your website.