You can create a contact page with a contact form and information (address, phone, service times, etc.)

Contact Sidebar

If you want to show a sidebar on your contact page do these two things when adding or editing the page.

  1. Under Page Attributes select the Contact template
  2. Under Sidebar check the Show sidebar widgets box

After doing this, the widgets you drag into the Contact Sidebar in Appearance > Widgets will appear.

Google Map

Google Maps are no longer available on these sites. If you want to provide a map to your website visitors, you can create a link to your location on Google Maps.

Contact Form

Risen’s contact form lets visitors send e-mail messages to you. It can be configured to allow the visitor to select a recipient.

Contact Form Shortcode

The contact form will appear where you use the contact_form shortcode in your page content.

Configuring Contacts

Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Form and enter at least one contact (name and e-mail address). If you configure multiple contacts, the visitor can select who to send the message to.

A contact should be entered in this format:


For multiple contacts, enter one per line.

Note that if you ever change one of the contact’s name or e-mail address, you will need to re-configure any Staff or Location items that use that contact for their E-mail Button.

reCAPTCHA Spam Protection

You can add a reCAPTCHA box to the contact form to help prevent spam submissions.

  1. Sign up for a reCAPTCHA Key.
  2. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Form to enter your public and private keys.

E-mail Buttons

When adding or editing a Staff or Location item, you have the option of configuring an E-mail Button. You enable the button by selecting your contact page (where the contact_form shortcode is used) and one of the contacts specified in theme options. When the button is clicked, the visitor will be taken to the contact page and the contact form will scroll into view with the appropriate contact pre-selected for them.