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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

MADD Toronto Board of Directors

Carolyn Swinson

Director of Victim Support

Carolyn has been a volunteer with MADD Canada for over 30 years. She has held many roles in the organization including President of the MADD Toronto Chapter, President of MADD Canada from 1999 – 2001 and Chair of the National Board. Carolyn currently provides support to many victims in the Toronto area. She does many media interviews for MADD, and to groups of impaired drivers at “The Missing You” program. She has received many awards for her volunteer work including a Governor General Caring Canadians Award, two Queen’s Jubilee Medals, Ministry of Transport Award for Road Safety, and MADD Canada’s Volunteer of the Year Award. Carolyn has been committed to MADD’s mission “To stop impaired driving and to support the victims of this violent crime” after the death of her eldest son Rob. Rob was killed by an Impaired driver almost 12 years to the day after his grandfather had also been killed by an impaired driver.

Bob Carreau


Robert (Bob) Carreau is an Environmental Scientist with more than 35 years working with companies on sustainable practices. He has lived and worked in a variety of jurisdictions in Canada and the Arctic, as well Central America and overseas at various locations in Africa and Asia.   Bob joined MADD in 2021 as a Board Member and is currently serving as President of the Toronto Chapter.  Bob’s son Robert was killed by an impaired driver in November 2020 while he was out running with friends in Muskoka.  Bob’s interests with MADD are as an advocate and spokesperson.   He regularly speaks to high school students as part of the TIPSY program, as well as to participants in the Missing You program.

Everilda Ratnakumar


Everilda began volunteering with the MADD Toronto Chapter in 2009. Everilda previously served on the Toronto Chapter Board of Directors as the Volunteer Coordinator from 2011-2013 after which time, she became Toronto Chapter President and Past President. Her interests include public awareness and various fundraising initiatives. Everilda has completed a Master’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy.

Aryssah Stankevitsch

Director of Social Media

Melissa Kulik

Board Liason

Nancy Stewart

Nancy has been involved with MADD Canada for many years, as a victim, a volunteer, a presenter, a spokesperson, and a Board member. Nancy’s husband, Doug, and 11 year old daughter, Emily, were hit head-on by an alcohol and drug-impaired driver. Doug was killed immediately, and Emily sustained many physical injuries along with a catastrophic brain injury.

You can hear our story here.

Nancy leads the MADD Canada Loss of Partner on-line support group. She and Emily are committed to fulfilling MADD’s mission to stop impaired driving and to support the victims of this violent crime.

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