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Tributes and Memorials

Tributes and Memorials

MADD Canada helps victims/survivors pay tribute to their loved ones or recognize injuries they themselves have suffered through a variety of memorial and tribute efforts.

These memorials and tributes give a voice to those who have been affected by impaired driving, acknowledge the losses they have suffered and help bring the personal and human realities of impaired driving to a society numbed by statistics and headlines.

MADD South Eastern New Brunswick Memorial Wall & Garden

The South Eastern New Brunswick Chapter, in partnership with Fair Haven Memorial Gardens, has erected Memorial Wall & Garden to honor and remember those who have been killed in impaired related crashes.

If your family has suffered a loss of a loved one as a result of impaired driving and you would like to have them honored on the MADD NB Memorial Wall, please contact: Susan MacAskill at 1-866-798-6233 or

Online Tributes

MADD Canada’s On-Line Victims’/Survivors’ Tributes has been created out of a profound commitment to and respect for those whose lives have been changed forever as a result of impaired driving. Through these personalized tributes, it is our hope to give the victims/survivors of this violent crime both a voice and a face.

The tributes contained here have been added at the request of victims/survivors themselves or their families. If you would like to receive more information about creating a tribute for a loved one, or would like to have your own story added as a survivor of an impaired driving crash, please refer to our national website.

Family and friends can set up a Memorial Tribute Fund (PDF) in memory of their loved one which celebrates and commemorates their life. The Memorial Tribute Fund in memory of a loved one is a lasting way to commemorate the life of someone special while raising money to help fight impaired driving and support victims/survivors of this violent crime. For more information, contact us at 1-800-665-6233.

Memorial Wall

MADD Canada memorial wallThe Memorial Wall at MADD Canada’s National Office is a lasting and moving tribute to those who have been killed or injured in an impaired driving crash. Photographs of victims/survivors line the walls and common meeting rooms under a banner stating “We Remember.” This beautiful tribute honours all victims/survivors of impaired driving and serves as a powerful symbol of our commitment to stop impaired driving and to support victims/survivors of this violent crime.

If you would like to have a photograph added to the Memorial Wall, please refer to our national website.

Roadside Memorials

Victims/survivors of impaired driving may apply to have a Roadside Memorial erected in memory of their loved one. The Memorial Marker that is placed at roadside marks the site where an individual has been innocently killed because of drug or alcohol impairment on our highways. The placing of a Memorial Marker serves as a constant reminder of the life-altering/life ending effects of this 100% preventable crime.

Currently, this program is only available in some areas of Canada. For more information, please refer to our national website.

How Can You Participate?

By sharing your story, and your photograph, Canadians will gain a better understanding of the serious consequences that can result from a crash related to impaired driving; this sharing may help give strength to others who are trying to cope with the devastating effects both personally and to their family.

We will assist you in providing us with the information needed for the memorials that you choose. For more information, please contact us.

We will always remember…

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