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Mothers united in grief…A Tribute to MADD

I quietly sat in a corner of a pew at the back
And watched as each mother lit a candle for the life of a child and loved one that was lost
At the hands of someone who made the conscious decision to drive while impaired.
One minute their loved one was here, and in a flash they were gone.

I watched as each one lovingly shared a picture of one who had been their life
And who still has their heart.
The length of time from the moment of loss until now mattered not
The tears still flowed at the memory of what had been,
And the thoughts of what could have been
Had their loved one been given the chance to fulfil the potential of their life.

I listened to stories that spoke of love, and of the helplessness and anger
Of not being able to do what a mother should do:
To be stewards of the gift of the children that had been given to them by God.
I saw in their eyes the grief that lingered in their souls
I felt the unspoken sadness that clutched each heart,
That made them stop to catch a breath as they spoke.

I was made privy to the dreaded nightmares that still haunt the semi-conscious mind
Night after night.
The thoughts and memories that cling to them
Day after day.

I bore witness to the tales of families torn asunder by this tragedy,
Still unable to come together after the band aid that held them together
Was suddenly ripped away,
Exposing the raw wounds that the loved one had managed to contain while alive.

These mothers have come together to stand in the breach
To stand united to battle the beast of a scourge that continues
To rob them of their loved ones.
They corral their anger and their grief to shout from the rooftops
“Enough is enough!”

They refuse to stand down, give in or surrender to this monster.
They are pilgrims on a journey,
Fellow travellers on the road,
They are committed to help each other
Walk this path hand-in-hand.
They help each other bear the load that has been cruelly thrust upon them.
A sisterhood of fierce warriors brought together by broken hearts.

– Marg Marrett

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