MADD Canada Bursary Application

$2,000 may be awarded to selected, qualifying Canadian students who have had an immediate family member (mother, father, legal guardian, or sibling) killed in an impaired-driving related crash and who are pursuing any full-time, post-secondary educational program that is approved by a provincial Ministry of Education.

Bursary Application Form-English
Bursary Application Form-French

MADD Canada’s Multi-Media Assembly Program

24 Hours (2015-2016) Now booking!

24 Hours, MADD Canada’s 2015-2016 School Assembly Program is a powerful dramatization about the tragic consequences of impaired driving as depicted by a group of youths who attend a bush party. The video ends with testimonials from real-life victims who share their heartbreaking stories with the audience. MADD Canada’s School Assembly Program targets students in grades 7 through 12. By clicking the 24 Hours link above, you can view highlights of the video and learn how to book this proven-effective program for your school.

Brain Power

Brain Power, a classroom DVD program for students in grades 4-6, delivers messages about the brain and how alcohol affects it, the dangers of drinking and driving, and protection from unsafe drivers.

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