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Statement of Beliefs

Statement of Beliefs

We believe that driving is a privilege, not a right. Impaired driving crashes are not accidents, but rather the direct result of an individual’s conscious decision to drive after drinking or using drugs.

We believe that a balanced program of public awareness, progressive legislation, rigorous enforcement, and meaningful sanctions is essential to eliminating impaired driving.

We believe, as an organization committed to the importance of rights, that all of our legislative proposals and other public policies must be compatible with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the federal and provincial human rights legislation.

We believe that victims/survivors, as those most directly affected by the crime, must be treated with dignity in a manner that is respectful of their loss.

We believe that victims/survivors should be given general information about the criminal justice system, and their role and rights within it, including their right to make a victim impact statement.

We believe that victims/survivors are entitled to specific information about their case, including: the name of the accused; the status of the investigation; the charges and any decisions made about them; the date, place and time of all criminal and correctional proceedings; and the outcome of all proceedings.

We believe that, while offenders must be held appropriately accountable for their criminal behaviour, assessment, treatment and other proven rehabilitative measures must be implemented to minimize the risks of repeat offenders.

We believe that the organizational culture we collectively create at MADD Canada must recognize and appreciate all its staff and volunteers and treat them with compassion, respect and dignity.

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