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Volunteers Make a Difference Every Day

Handing out red ribbons at the Magic of Lights!

We set up a fantastic display at the London Knights Game in December 2022.





MADD Canada volunteers make a difference every day from coast to coast by supporting victims/survivors, conducting public awareness campaigns, raising funds, helping to change impaired driving legislation and so much more.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can assist in a variety of ways and roles. Some of the ways you could get involved are:

  • Join our Board of Directors
  • Become our new Graphic Designer
  • Become our new Director of Media
  • Become our new Director of Awareness
  • Become our new Campaign 911 Coordinator

Serving as President, Vice-President, Director of Events/Fundraising, Director of Victim Services, Director of Volunteers, etc.

Informing local politicians and the media of MADD Canada’s initiatives either in person or through regular correspondence.

An individual who offers emotional support to victims/survivors of impaired driving crashes, guidance through the criminal justice system, and referral for other needs related to the crash. Training provided by MADD Canada’s Victim/Survivor Services.

Raising awareness about the dangers of impaired driving through mall displays, parades, fairs, literature, etc. Promoting national campaigns like Project Red RibbonCampaign 911, etc.

Raising money through local sponsorships, donations, memberships, special events, etc.

Being available to speak to the media, especially around local and national initiatives.

Community Engagement Volunteer

Community Engagement Volunteers (CEV’s) are the face of MADD London & Area and deliver our mission by engaging with the community, educating the public, and raising the funds and support needed to keep our organization strong. The CEV’s are a committed group of volunteers and an integral element to MADD’s London & Area Chapter. As a CEV, your role will include a diverse range of tasks and opportunities that will allow you to challenge yourself, develop your skills in a variety of areas, meet and network with like-minded members of the public, and represent MADD London & Area at an array of fun and interesting events throughout London.

As a member of the CEV Team, you will:

  • Receive ongoing training related to impaired driving and the impact it has on our community
  • Attend R.I.D.E. Checkpoints with local Police to present promotional materials to passing motorists
  • Attend a variety of events, operating MADD Info Booths to educate the public and spread awareness
  • Attend and volunteer at MADD fundraisers such as the Strides for Change Annual Walk
  • Represent MADD in public speaking events, delivering educational programs to various audiences
  • Assist MADD London & Area Board Members with special projects and subcommittees
  • Assist with MADD Administration, working behind the scenes with day-to-day operations
  • Assist with projects to recruit new volunteers to the organization


Apply to Be a Volunteer or Member

We welcome volunteers who are committed to carrying out our mission – making our streets and communities a safer place to live.

Please fill out and submit the Volunteer/Member application below if you are interested in joining MADD London & Area.

Important Membership and Volunteer information:

  • Membership with a Chapter/Community Leader group does not automatically mean that the member must volunteer. Membership entitles the member to voting privileges in a designated Chapter/Community Leader group. The member can choose to volunteer, but it is not expected.
  • A volunteer within a Chapter/Community Leader group volunteers their time to promote the mission of MADD Canada. A volunteer does not necessarily have to be a member as they may not be interested in having voting privileges. However, a volunteer and a member can be one and the same.
  • Only members of a Chapter are eligible to serve on the Chapter Board of Directors. The Chapter Board of Directors is elected by the general membership at the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting. Directors on the Chapter Board have a higher responsibility to attend meetings and be involved in Chapter activities.

Please review the Statement of Beliefs and Volunteer Code of Conduct below before filling out the Member/Volunteer Application Form:

Member/Volunteer Online Application

Thank you for your interest.

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