Volunteer with MADD London

If you would like to volunteer with MADD London:

  1. Please read below about our Volunteer Positions, then
  2. Apply to be a volunteer:
    • Print and fill out the volunteer application and send to
      • MADD London
      • P.O. Box 27066
      • London ON N5X 3X5 
      • Fax: (519) 645-1380
    • Or fill out the on-line form below and someone from our office will contact you.

Feel free to call (519) 645-1350 for more information. Thank you for considering MADD London.

Volunteer Positions


Community Engagement Volunteer

Community Engagement Volunteers (CEV’s) are the face of MADD London and deliver our mission by engaging with the community, educating the public, and raising the funds and support needed to keep our organization strong. The CEV’s are a committed group of volunteers and an integral element to MADD’s London Chapter. As a CEV, your role will include a diverse range of tasks and opportunities that will allow you to challenge yourself, develop your skills in a variety of areas, meet and network with like-minded members of the public, and represent MADD London at an array of fun and interesting events throughout London.

As a member of the CEV Team, you will:

  • Receive ongoing training related to impaired driving and the impact it has on our community
  • Attend R.I.D.E. Checkpoints with local Police to present promotional materials to passing motorists
  • Attend a variety of events, operating MADD Info Booths to educate the public and spread awareness
  • Attend and volunteer at MADD fundraisers such as the Strides for Change Annual Walk
  • Represent MADD in public speaking events, delivering educational programs to various audiences
  • Assist MADD London Board Members with special projects and subcommittees
  • Assist with MADD Administration, working behind the scenes with day-to-day operations
  • Assist with projects to recruit new volunteers to the organization

Newsletter Committee

The MADD London Newsletter is a pilot project that needs volunteers! We are working to create a unique volunteer-run newsletter for our local MADD Chapter. The goals of the Newsletter are to cover MADD events, report on impaired driving news and legislation, and offer publication opportunities for Volunteers and community members on impaired driving topics.

As a member of the Newsletter Committee, you can:

  • Volunteer from home by contributing content to the newsletter
  • Develop your writing and journalism skills by covering MADD London events and initiatives
  • Interview stakeholders and members of the community consistent with MADD’s mission
  • Employ photography and graphic designs skills to visually enhance Newsletter content
  • Edit and format Newsletter content and graphic layout

Volunteer Program Coordinator

Volunteer Program Coordinators are responsible for providing meaningful volunteer opportunities and skills development for MADD London Volunteers. Secondly, Volunteer Program Coordinators are responsible for administering a volunteer program that serves the MADD London organization by staffing events, programs and services that MADD London provides. Volunteer Program Coordinators are experienced volunteers that act in a leadership capacity to allow for an effective use of volunteer resources.

As a Volunteer Program Coordinator, you may be assigned to:

  • The recruitment, selection, orientation and training of MADD London volunteers
  • The planning and coordination of MADD community events and fundraisers
  • Report to the Director of Volunteer Resources on matters related to Volunteer Resources
  • Liaison with the Board of Directors/Administration to fill volunteer positions for special projects
  • Scheduling of volunteers for events and tracking volunteer hours
  • Providing recognition and feedback to volunteers to ensure long-term retention of volunteer resources
  • Assist volunteers in opportunities for skills development

Online Volunteer Application

  • Please provide the following information. We will contact you with more information on how you can help MADD London. For more information, please call (519) 645-1350.