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Mobile 911 Sign Program

Mobile 911 Sign Program

Impaired Driver Caught Here. 9-1-1

The sign displays an impactful message – “Impaired Driver Caught Here”. The goal is to help remind the public about the important role they may play in helping police get impaired drivers off the roads by calling 911 if they see drivers they suspect are impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. Our police officers cannot be everywhere and rely on the public to call 911 if they suspect an impaired driver.

This program first started in Saskatchewan in the communities of Estevan, Regina, Prince Albert and Saskatoon. The signs bring awareness that impaired driving happens at all times of the day in all areas of our communities, including in your own neighbourhood.

In partnership with Lethbridge Police Service, MADD Lethbridge & Area volunteers will place these mobile signs at locations where police have criminally charged or issued Immediate Roadside Sanctions to impaired drivers. The mobile signs will be moved to new locations every other week based on new impaired driving charges. We will start placing the signs in late April/early May.

The map provides basic information such as the location where the charge/suspension was issued and the age of the driver. Deaths caused by impaired drivers will be marked on the map with our Red Ribbon icon to honour the victim and their family.

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