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Volunteers Make a Difference Every Day

MADD Canada volunteers make a difference every day from coast to coast by supporting victims/survivors, conducting public awareness campaigns, raising funds, helping to change impaired driving legislation and so much more.

Volunteer Opportunities

You can assist in a variety of ways and roles. We have opportunities to serve on the Chapter Board of Directors; to fundraise; to assist as event/planning volunteers; to assist on committees, special projects, etc.

Serving as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Fundraising, Director of Victim Services, Director of Volunteers, etc.

Informing local politicians and the media of MADD Canada’s initiatives either in person or through regular correspondence.

To heighten public attention to drinking and driving during the holiday season.

  • in May, present ideas to the Board members for the Project Red Ribbon launch and provide final details at the September meeting
  • identify local businesses to become part of the Project Red Ribbon campaign and encourage these employers to put red ribbons in their pay cheque envelopes
  • in partnership with public awareness/media committee, launch the Project Red Ribbon Campaign the first part of November
  • prepare and distribute red ribbon boxes in the area served by MADD Huron/Bruce
  • ensure the red ribbon boxes have an adequate supply of ribbons
  • expand the red ribbon campaign by putting out 2 additional boxes a year
  • have the red ribbon boxes ready for distribution by October 1
  • encourage red ribbon business supporters to post MADD Canada signs during the holiday season

To detect and apprehend impaired drivers on our roads as well as send a public education and awareness message to motorists not to drink and drive.

  1. Grad/Prom Night
  • Prepare and distribute small packages of MADD Canada and/or MADD Huron/Bruce products to students
  • In partnership with the Red Ribbon Committee, conduct sobriety checks in the vicinity of the high schools
  1. R.I.D.E./Sobriety Checkpoints
  • contact local law enforcement agencies to organize R.I.D.E./Sobriety Checkpoint programs on the long weekends in May and September
  • to assist local law enforcement agencies with R.I.D.E./Sobriety Checkpoints throughout the year, if requested
  • with the assistance of the public awareness/media committee, attract the media to the sobriety checkpoint programs
  • give a specific list of tasks and timelines for which volunteers are needed to the recruitment committee

An individual who offers emotional support to victims/survivors of impaired driving crashes, guidance through the criminal justice system, and referral for other needs related to the crash. Training provided by MADD Canada’s Victim/Survivor Services.

To raise public awareness of MADD Huron/Bruce activities.

  • Produce a quarterly brochure for distribution in the local area
  • Produce a MADD Huron/Bruce Web page
  • Prepare and distribute media releases on upcoming MADD Huron/Bruce events
  • Retain copies of media coverage for submission to head office
  • Distribute and ensure MADD Canada posters are posted and displayed with the assistance of other MADD Huron/Bruce volunteers
  • Give a list of tasks and timelines for which volunteers are needed to the recruitment committee

To educate and raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving to students at elementary and secondary schools.

  • In partnership with the public education/media committee, prepare and present a promotion and marketing strategy for the poster/essay contest at the February Board meeting
  • Implement the promotion and marketing strategy for the poster/essay contest
  • Collect local entries for judging no later than June 1
  • Promote MADD Canada and MADD Huron/Bruce to local schools and offer presentations
  • Schedule speakers for presentation requests from the schools
  • Give a specific list of tasks and timelines for which volunteers are needed to the recruitment committee

To create public awareness by reaching out into the community through signs during the period of the Victoria long weekend in May to Labour Day weekend in September.

  • Search out and/or prepare slogans to present to businesses when requesting participation in campaign (Suggestion: Have the slogans typed up ready to send with a letter to local businesses.  If possible, try to include MADD Huron/Bruce in the slogan to raise awareness of the Chapter’s presence).
  • When a businesses agrees to participate, write it down and log when the sign goes up and for how long.  Make sure photos are taken of the sign.  The Chapter needs to send proof of the signs to head office to qualify for the grant money.
  • Ensure posters supplied by head office are displayed in ‘high traffic areas’ and keep a log of when these posters went up and where.  Posters need to come down after the September long weekend.
  • Arrange for cable TV ads with the local cable companies
  • Using the public awareness committee contacts and resources, place the ads supplied by head office in the local papers.  These ads are camera ready art.  Clip and retain copies of the ads for head office.
  • Give a specific list of tasks and timelines for which volunteers are needed to the recruitment committee

To raise funds and public awareness in the fight against impaired driving.

  • Book the facility for the third week of June each year
  • Prepare and distribute invitations no later than March 31
  • Collect registration forms and money
  • Book the necessary number of meals with the caterer
  • Make arrangements to have the display board at the golf dinner
  • Solicit and gather prizes by June 1
  • Provide details of the day to the public awareness/media committee
  • Provide MADD Huron/Bruce hosts for the golfers
  • Organize and deliver tributes and speeches
  • Give a specific list of tasks and timelines for which volunteers are needed to the recruitment committee

To raise public awareness about impaired driving through activities.

  • Coordinate 3 mall displays in 3 different locations apart from displays done by other committees
  • Coordinate a MADD Huron/Bruce float in 3 parades
  • Respond to requests from community groups
  • Organize 1 fundraising event
  • Give a specific list of tasks and timelines for which volunteers are needed to the recruitment committee

To increase the number of volunteers by 5 people per year.

  • Develop a list of ways to recruit volunteers
  • Check volunteer web sites for ideas and investigate volunteer recruitment centres
  • Implement the list of ways to recruit volunteer
  • Liase with various community programs for example, coop programs, Ontario Works program, community service programs
  • Respond to committee requests for volunteers to complete specific tasks
  • Develop a volunteer recognition program
  • Introduce new volunteers to the Board and Committee Chairs
  • Recruit 1 youth board member (utilize school presentation committee)

To generate funds to support the activities of the MADD Huron/Bruce Chapter and create public awareness.

  • Review existing fundraising idea literature and put together a list of ideas
  • Present feasible ideas at the May monthly board meeting
  • Develop fundraising ideas for implementation
  • Work in partnership with the public awareness committee and the sobriety check committee to implement 1 fundraising idea per season per year in addition to the Project Red Ribbon campaign and the golf tournament

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