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  • Log in to your local website.
  • Click “Pages” to see a list of your pages.
  • textvsvisualtabs-eng1Find your Project Red Ribbon page and click to edit (you may have to go to the next page to find it).
  • In the upper right corner of the editing window, click the “Text” tab.
  • Highlight everything in the editing window and delete it. Your editor window should now be blank.
  • Copy the following code as-is and paste it into the Text window of your Project Red Ribbon page, then continue with the instructions below:


<h4><a href=""><img class="alignright wp-image-730 size-medium" src="" alt="2014 Project Red Ribbon launch" width="300" height="289" /></a>It's that time of year again! Time to tie on a red ribbon in support of sober driving during the holiday season.</h4>
MADD Canada's <em>Project Red Ribbon</em> campaign runs from <strong>November 1, 2014</strong> to <strong>January 5, 2015</strong>. During that time, MADD Canada Chapters and Community Leaders will distribute millions of red ribbons for Canadians to tie on their vehicles, key chains, purses, briefcases and backpacks.

Our red ribbon is a small but powerful symbol of the wearers' commitment to sober driving, and reminds us all that the deaths and injuries resulting from impairment-related crashes are needless and preventable.

Now in its 27th year, <em>Project Red Ribbon</em> targets the Christmas and New Year holiday season because it is the busiest time of year on most social calendars. With lots of holiday parties and events on the go, the risk for impaired driving is especially high at this time of year.

MADD Canada, our Chapters and Community Leaders, and our sponsors and supporters hope the red ribbon will serve as a reminder to:
<li>Never drive impaired or ride with an impaired driver.</li>
<li>Plan ahead if you're going to be drinking. Take a cab or bus, arrange a designated driver or plan to stay over.</li>
<li>Call 911 if you see a driver you suspect is impaired.</li>
<h4>Show Your Support for <em>Project Red Ribbon</em></h4>
<strong>Wear your red ribbon as a sign of your commitment to always drive sober.</strong> Encourage your family and friends to do the same. You can get your red ribbon by donating online here on our web site, visiting one of our many sponsors' outlets, or contacting your nearest MADD Canada Chapter or Community Leader.

<strong>Share a picture of your red ribbon on Facebook or Twitter! Don't forget to tag it with #maddredribbon.</strong> Show us how you wear your red ribbon! Just take a picture of your red ribbon any way you like and then share on Twitter, or send to us to post to our Facebook <em>Project Red Ribbon</em> album.

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-584" style="margin-left: 0px; margin-right: 0px;" src="" alt="text-to-donate-rr2012" width="400" height="109" /><strong>Donate to <em>Project Red Ribbon</em>.</strong> Your donation helps us spread the <em>Project Red Ribbon</em> message across Canada, which furthers our mission to stop impaired driving and support victims of impaired driving. You can make a donation online, by phone or by mail. Or you can text "MADD" to 45678 to donate $5. (Your one-time donation is added to your cell phone and payable to your service provider.)

To learn more about the history of <em>Project Red Ribbon</em>, visit <a title="MADD Canada Project Red Ribbon" href="" target="_blank">MADD Canada</a>.


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  • If it does, close that window and click “Update” to publish your changes.
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