See how the banner will look:

Add Project Red Ribbon banner to your website
  1. Right-click the image above and select “Save Image As…” to download to your computer.
  2. Log in to your local website.
  3. Click on Home Slider to see the list of current slides.
  4. Click on the old Project Red Ribbon slide to edit.
  5. Under the image, click “Remove featured image.”
  6. Click “Set featured image”, upload the new slide image, and click the “Set featured image” button.
  7. Add the following information in the Slide Options box:
    Caption: Join <em>Project Red Ribbon</em> (keep the em tags so the words are italicized)
    Video URL: [LEAVE BLANK]
  8. Leave the Order Attribute as 0 so it is the first slide. You may need to change the Order Attribute values for your other slides so they are in the order you want them (the lower the number, the earlier it is in the slide order).
  9. Click “Publish.”
  10. Check your homepage to make sure everything looks right and the link works (refresh the page first).
Please also remove the Strides for Change banner if you still have it.
  1. In the list of slides, hover over “Watch the Strides for Change commercial!”
  2. Click “Trash.” It will be removed from your homepage slider, but it will still be the “trash” in case you want to reactivate it in the future.
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