This image should go on your Project Red Ribbon page along with the new text.

To get the new text:

    1. Highlight and copy all text from the MADD Shelbyville’s PRR page.
    2. Log in to your website and paste the text into the Text window of your Project Red Ribbon page (replacing all the current content).
    3. Link the words “MADD Canada” in the last sentence to
    4. Add the bold and italics to match what is on the MADD Shelbyville page.

To get the new image:

  1. Right click on the image above and choose “Save Image As…” to save to your computer.
  2. Log in to your website and go to your PRR page
  3. Insert the cursor at the beginning of the fourth paragraph.
  4. Click Add Media and upload the image.
  5. On the right at the bottom under Attachment Display Settings, set the following:
    • Alignment: Right
    • Size: Full size – 400 x 109
  6. Click “Insert into page”.