Events show up in the lower right side of your homepage as well as the Events Calendar page (under News & Events). They are great for highlighting upcoming national campaigns, local events, and board meetings.

Date & Time – IMPORTANT: Event will not show without a Date!

November 1, 2014 – January 5, 2015

Example text for event page

Project Red Ribbon is coming for the 2014 holiday season. Please see our Project Red Ribbon page for more information.


  1. Right-click the image above and select “Save Image As…” to download to your computer.
  2. Go to Events > Add New.
  3. Enter title for the event: Project Red Ribbon
  4. Enter text (see above) into the content box.
  5. Fill in the start and end dates (see above) under Date & Time (**Start Date is required**).
  6. Click “Set featured image” and upload the image, select it, then click “Set featured image.” (Note: image must be 960 px wide x 250 px high)
  7. Click the Publish button to add it.