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Awareness Campaigns

Awareness Campaigns

MADD Cobequid Awareness Campaigns

One of the golfers trying her luck on the putting green wearing the Fatal Vision Goggles.
One of the golfers trying her luck on the putting green wearing the Fatal Vision Goggles.

Here are just some of the recent awareness campaigns put on by the MADD Cobequid Chapter:

  • We’ve arranged for over 100 sobriety checkstops – making our chapter top in Canada for checkstops. Thank you to Amanda & the volunteers for reaching that milestone.
  • We held our Project Red Ribbon launch in Millbrook, first time in Atlantic Canada that it’s been held in a First Nations community.
  • Susan MacAskill drove the MADD car in the Santa Claus parade with walkers handing out red ribbons & candy canes.
  • We held the successful Cst. Bruce Miller Golf Tournament
  • Multimedia Shows at our local area schools, the theme this year is “Have A Safe Long Weekend…Don’t Drive Impaired”

National Awareness Campaigns

Raising public awareness about the dangers of impaired driving is a critical strategy used to prevent more deaths and injuries from occurring.

MADD Canada’s national public awareness programs include:

  • Campaign 911Campaign 911 educates and empowers the public about the right course of action to take if they see a driver they suspect is impaired.
  • Project Red Ribbon – An annual campaign, beginning on November 1st, gives the opportunity for drivers to display a red ribbon on their vehicles in support of sober driving.
  • Educational videos for schools and community groups.
  • Public Service Announcements for radio, television, and print campaigns.
  • Printed materials include booklets and brochures.
  • MADD Matters – A national newsletter sent quarterly to victims/survivors, members, supporters, and community leaders to keep everyone informed about impaired driving issues and MADD Canada activities.

For more information, and to view certain publications, please visit MADD Canada.

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