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Local chapter recognized for 100 checkpoints

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Truro Daily News
November 22, 2012

BIBLE HILL – The Cobequid chapter of MADD Canada has reached a milestone, hosting its 100th checkpoint with the local RCMP detachment.

“This is really significant for our chapter because this is the first time in Canada this has been done,” said Amanda Morrisey, president and checkpoint co-ordinator for the chapter. “We’ve been recognized nationally for our efforts.”

The chapter has partnered with the Colchester RCMP since September 2010 for the checkpoints, which are scheduled on a weekly basis throughout the county.

“The most important point for us is to educate the public and provide information to motorists,” said Morrisey.

“But we do see impaired drivers come through. It does happen quite frequently.”

RCMP Sgt. Al Affleck said one of the checkpoints this summer resulted in two different arrests.

“We came across a sizeable drug seizure and an impaired driver,” Affleck said. “There’s a huge public awareness component to it.”
While the checkpoints are scheduled weekly, it doesn’t mean one happens every week.

“It depends on the weather and the number of volunteers they have available, and how many officers we have,” said Affleck. “We move around.” Morrisey said the chapter has two volunteers available for each checkpoint, as well as herself.

“I’ve been to every checkpoint since we started,” she said. “I’ve been there because I was the checkpoint co-ordinator since we started them, before I became president.”

The checkpoints run anywhere between 90 minutes and two hours.

Along with helping get impaired drivers off the road, the checkpoints also increase the visibility of the RCMP and MADD Canada.

“It also gives us a chance to look for those impaired drivers, suspended drivers or other Motor Vehicle Act violators,” Affleck said.

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