The victims/survivors of impaired driving include those who were directly involved in crashes caused by impaired drivers, as well as families and friends who cope with the loss or injury of loved ones.

In the aftermath of a crash, victims/survivors have many questions and often do not know where to turn. MADD Canada’s most important priority is helping those who have lost a loved one or suffered an injury as a result of impaired driving. Every year, we provide a full range of free services to 20,000 victims/survivors of impaired driving.

If you or someone you know is a victim/survivor of impaired driving, MADD Calgary is here to help.

MADD Calgary runs a support group for victims and survivors of impaired driving. The dates, times and locations can be found here, and more information on our support group can be found here.

The MADD Calgary Chapter has 3 trained Victim Support Volunteers who are here to help you if needed. Please contact us for more information.

Resource Library

MADD Calgary has a variety of books available for you to borrow. Please see our list.

Resource Guide

Coping with the emotional, physical and legal effects of an impaired driving crash can be overwhelming. A broad range of programs and services are available from community organizations and agencies but knowing where and how to access them is a challenge.

The MADD Canada Resource Guide provides victims/survivors of crime – and specifically, victims/survivors of impaired driving – with useful information and contacts to help them deal with the criminal justice process and access the various networks of available services and programs. The guide contains up-to-date contact information for federal and provincial resources.

Injury Resources

To assist the many victims/survivors injured as a result of impaired driving, MADD Canada has developed a specific Injury Resources Listing. This is a comprehensive list of supportive agencies across Canada that will assist victims/survivors who are suffering from brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and physical disabilities.

Court Accompaniment and Support

Many Chapters offer court support to help families and friends understand the judicial proceedings and to be available to them during this traumatic experience. MADD Canada has trained volunteers at the Chapter level to assist victims/survivors with everything from writing and delivering their impact statements, to encouraging a liaison with Crown Attorneys, police and other professionals.

For more information, call 1-800-665-6233 or contact your local Chapter or Community Leader.


MADD Canada’s brochure series provides information on a variety of topics and issues which victims/survivors of impaired driving may face:

More Information

Please visit MADD Canada for more victim/survivor services.