In the next several weeks, we will be making a few upgrades to all local MADD Canada sites.

1) National news releases merged with your local news

The biggest improvement will be the merging of MADD Canada’s news releases with your local news posts. This means that the national news releases and the news that you post locally will appear together on your Homepage, on the Latest News page, and in the page sidebars. (The national news releases are the ones you currently see in your sidebars under “News From MADD Canada”.) Thank you to Natalie at the Greater Fredericton Area Chapter for this suggestion!

If you do NOT want this change to be made to your website, please let us know at

2) High-resolution logos

We will be adding a high resolution version of your logo to your website so that it looks sharper on ‘retina’ devices such as the iPad. These devices have higher resolution screens than typical computer monitors.

3) Updated favicon

Circle-with-Key1-smA favicon is the little image that you see next to a website’s address in the address bar or next to the site’s name in the browser tab. We will be replacing your favicon of the keys and glass with a higher resolution version that looks better.


If you have any questions about these updates, please email us at