With the beginning of the 2013 Project Red Ribbon campaign, we have new content and images for your Chapter/CL website.

New homepage slider images

  1. There is a new Project Red Ribbon slider image for the homepage that should replace the 25th anniversary image.
  2. We also have a homepage slider image to link to the new MADD Canada PSA “Full Circle.”

To download these images, and to see instructions for adding them to your website, look for Homepage Slider Images on the New Content Gallery page (under Updates).

New page content

We also have updated content for your Project Red Ribbon page:

  1. Go to the MADD Shelbyvile PRR page to see the new page.
  2. Highlight and Copy the text of the page.
  3. Paste the text into the Text (not Visual) editing window of your Project Red Ribbon page (relpacing all the current content).
  4. Download the page images from the New Content Gallery page.
  5. Add the images to your new PRR page. (There are detailed instructions on the individual image pages.)