Volunteers are the heart and soul of MADD Canada.

We hope that you will find your involvement with MADD Canada to be as rewarding and fulfilling as other volunteers have already experienced.

MADD Canada has over two million supporters coast to coast. Every day, volunteers of MADD Canada must deal with the senseless loss of lives and human carnage that result from impaired driving. The sad reality is the tragic results of alcohol-related crashes are 100% preventable.

There are several ways of becoming involved with MADD Annapolis Valley. You could become a volunteer and come out to events, or you could become involved even further and take on a role within our Board of Directors.

Chapter Board of Directors
Becoming a Chapter Board member.
Public Policy
Informing local politicians and the media of MADD Canada’s initiatives either in person or through regular correspondence.
Victim Support Volunteer
An individual who offers emotional support to victims/survivors of impaired driving crashes, guidance through the criminal justice system, and referral for other needs related to the crash. Training provided by MADD Canada’s Victim/Survivor Services.
Court Monitoring
Individuals attend court and keep track of impaired charges and how they are handled. This is done to encourage the justice system to recognize the seriousness of the crime and to sentence offenders accordingly.
Public Education and Awareness
Raising awareness in local communities about the dangers of drinking and driving through mall displays, parades, fairs, literature, etc. MADD Canada provides materials to support individuals in this capacity.
Public Speaking
Not only educate others through presentations about this senseless tragedy but also give alternatives to drinking and driving. MADD Canada provides materials to support individuals in this capacity.
Raise money through local sponsorship, donations, memberships, special events, etc.
Media Relations
Be available to speak to the media especially around local and national initiatives.

We welcome volunteers who are committed to carrying out our mission – making our streets and communities a safer place to live. All volunteer opportunities are only available to members of MADD Annapolis Valley and only after the appropriate training or voting, etc., takes place. We also ask that you be a member, in good standing, for a minimum three months prior to taking on a Board position.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with MADD Annapolis Valley.

Thank you for your interest.